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We are a father-daughter photographic duo, and have devised a specialised plan to guarantee that we are the best photographers you'll find for your big day. Read below to find out how we make sure that your wedding photography is what you've been dreaming of.

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So, this is how we make sure your wedding photography goes as planned;



1. Schedule -


We'll make sure that we go over your wedding day schedule with you and stick to it! We'll ensure that we organise the right times & places in the day to take certain types of photographs depending on what types of photo's you want us to produce for you. For example, you may simply want traditional photo's, i.e. all the family, bride & groom with parents, bride & groom with grandparents etc, however you may want more creative photographs, or you may want both, its up to you! We'll discuss all of this before hand in a 'pre-meeting', making sure we've got all the details & information we need to capture the day in the way YOU want.



2. Pre-Wedding meeting -


Before the big day, we'll arrange to meet with you and your partner to give us time to discuss your wants and needs, what sort of photographs you would like, traditional/creative/both. We'll ensure that we know exactly what you want so your photos capture every moment to remember your special day forever. We'll also run you through our process and workflow, show you the type of work we can do for you, how much it'll cost etc. This way you'll know everything about us, and we'll know everything about you. We'll also discuss things that you don't want, or photo's that you don't wish to be taken on the big day. By doing all of this, your wedding day will run as smoothly and stress-free as possible, so that you don't have to worry about your photography on the day.



3. On the day -


When photographing on your special day, we will have a set workflow based around the events of the day to ensure that we are planned in advance and not making things up as we go along. We will also ensure that our process does not take too long so that guests are kept waiting etc, as well as ensuring that we do capture everything. We guarantee that each and every special moment will be captured in the way that you want with our creative input, but we will make sure that this is organised and efficient so that guests aren't kept waiting around for the photographer to finish etc. This schedule will be discussed with you and your partner before the wedding as spoken about above, so that you are well aware of how we work and so that we are well aware of your days schedule.



7. Second Shooter -


Some couples may choose to hire a second shooter or not, to help out their first choice photographer. Some people may choose to hire one to ensure that every moment is captured as the photographer can not be everywhere at once. Some brides may also feel that it is too obtrusive for more than one photographer to be present on the wedding day. But consider this, the second photographer offers another unique point of view throughout the entire day that you would not have had photographed. However, you will not need to hire a second photographer as you're already getting two photographers, and for the price of of one!



7. Organising Your Guests -


Organising your guests is key when it comes to photographing them on the big day, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and efficiently. This is one of our plus sides, as there are two of us, one will be in charge of organising everyone and making sure that everyone is where they are supposed to be at the right time. We will be able to gather the people needed, direct them on what shots they will be in, and then release them when they are done. It keeps things moving quickly, smoothly, and enjoyably.



8. Relax & enjoy your special day -


A lot of people can get stressed out on their big day, wanting everything to be planned down to a T, but sometimes photos turn out better when they’re not planned. It's our job to ensure that you feel comfortable enough with us to just relax and enjoy the day, even when being photographed because at the end of the day, it's all about celebrating the love you have for one another and those around you, and we simply want to capture that in our photos. We don't want awkward, constantly posed pictures. Don't get me wrong, traditional photos can be lovely but even they need a bit of relaxation and enjoyment otherwise the real emotion wont show through when you look back at your special day.


Another thing a lot of people get caught on is always looking at the camera, even during candid/moment shots. Candid shots make the story of your special day so much more as they show the in between moments when mums crying at the speech, or dad had a bit too much to drink on the dance floor. They can turn a set of photos into a story that you will love and cherish forever. Now, i don't mean never look at the camera, or never smile in front of the camera because this can also be a problem. There will be times when this will be necessary but the photographer (us) will more than likely ask you to.



9. Choosing the right photographer for you -


You need to make sure that you spend a fair amount of time in choosing the right photographer for your wedding day as you need to find someone you connect with and who understands exactly what it is that you're looking for, or not looking for.


Don't leave finding a photographer till the last minute, although you may think its easy enough to find one and book them, they may turn up and not really capture your day how you wished they would, or you may simply not feel comfortable enough in front of them, and no one should be made to feel out of place at their own wedding. That's why we insist that we meet you and your partner in person so we can get to know both of your personalities, your likes and dislikes especially as you may have things that you specifically dislike about certain wedding photography, and we need to be able to understand exactly what that is. Whether you like traditional or quirky wedding photography, or even both, we need to ensure that we have that 100% clear so we can arrange what's best for you on the day.


You need to make sure that you find a professional when searching for a photographer, whilst a lot of amateurs are good photographers, they may not have the experience that we have, especially as there are two of us, you'll be getting double the experience. Photography trends can have a lot of influence on some people and you need to step back for a minute and consider all the options that there are because if you just go for what's in fashion at the moment, you may look back and, not regret, but wish you had thought about what style of photography you wanted a bit more.


You also need to pay attention to detail, and I'm talking about all the tiny details that you may not have even considered, but they all add up as part of your photographic story. For example; did your sister make special wedding favors? Are you carrying important heirlooms with you? Bring an extra invitation, and try to keep those special elements easily accessible for photos.


These are all things you need to consider when choosing a wedding photographer that's right for you and your partner. By meeting with us first we will go through all of this for you, and discuss all that needs to be thought about and how we can provide our excellent services on your special day.



10. Skipping engagement session -


Not many people will think about this, but an engagement photo shoot can make the story even more special as it shows the moments before, and i know you'll have a million photos of the two of you out on holidays etc, but an engagement shoot is so much more. We focus on the love that you share with your partner and how you connect as a couple (stop me if I'm being too cheesy), but seriously, engagement photos make such a nice touch as something to add at the beginning of your wedding album, or even on save the date cards/invitations etc.



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