Lifestyle Photographic Studios

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We are a Family business, Father & Daughter and of course that means that we have total trust in each other and that we can have the most fun while we work.


Its the fun that's important as it comes through in the pictures that we create.


My name is Billy Bonds and Im an old press photographer, I spent 10 great fun years working in our national press publications, supplying them with pictures & stories as a photojournalist. I achieved several press awards for my work and contributions which I am proud of, but I get most satisfaction from helping other business and folks to achieve what they need from images and movies.


Now my youngest daughter is all grown up and she's pretty smart and also a keen photographer, so the formation of our first studio just seems like a natural fit and a good opportunity to get Tessa really into photography.


My two daughters grew up with a camera shoved in their faces, so its very normal for them and of course as a family we have a massive collection of pictures as the girls grew, its been lovely and of course great fun to look back over old pictures of all of us, we all like to do that right?


So that's us, its not complicated, a very common story, but now we are concentrating of helping you to have fun and create some wonderful memories for you to keep.


Now I am an older bloke I really appreciate helping others , helping other business's and seeing the changes that Our work makes in other lives, its that something that gets your interest that makes the difference.


Id love to be able to help you , help your business and help you to make a change.


Just call me to chat and I will give you the benefit of my years of experience and advice. If you take and use our photographic services, then that will be great bonus for us, but its more important that we help you first.


Bill & Tessa Bonds